by thecalvomjinga

Bidii yangu nikumweka BaeDee

Give it to me
I want to feel the pain
I want to feel it’s bitterness
I want feel how it hurts

Inject it in me
Through your kiss pass it
I want to feel it eat my body like a virus
I want it to alter the beats of my heart

Own it full
Make me jealous
Make me a servant not a slave
Kill me slowly
Own me fully so that when you leave take my heart with you




by thecalvomjinga

Bidii yangu nikumweka BaeDee

Give it to me
I want to feel the pain
I want to feel it’s bitterness
I want feel how it hurts

Inject it in me
Through your kiss pass it
I want to feel it eat my body like a virus
I want it to alter the beats of my heart

Own it full
Make me jealous
Make me a servant not a slave
Kill me slowly
Own me fully so that when you leave take my heart with you



by thecalvomjinga

I swear it was right here
In my heart I felt it
In my lungs it grew roots
In my hands have hold it so tight

I swear have felt it
Have seen it
Have kissed all the time
Have dance to it’s tune

Now I’m alone like a deserted late night ghost train
Called a liar,a heart breaker
Called a poor a guy who could only afford to pay attention
I swear you were this close to close all the gates into my heart

The roots, you grew in my lung are vipers to my chest
I bleed everyday, remembering how sweet your lips were
How warm your body was

You lied to me
You made me feel the bitter sweet of a rose
Bled like a saviour
You told me for better for worst
You told me nothing won’t change no matter what

Love you are liar
Love you are a killer
You’ve killed the innocent soul in me
Love lies




Far too many times

I have felt the pain of thinking 

What it would feel like if my existence was merely just a memory.

Yet in the midst of reality and illusion…

I find myself lost!

Dancing to the beats of loneliness of my broken heart 
Then I meet this girl.

A beautiful woman, maybe a goddess 

Stepping to the light with Mesmerising swag

Slaying everyone with true beauty.

Shinning brighter than the evining star

She the song my lips and tune of my hum 

The melody that plays my heartstrings

The one with Cute long smile even when she is mad 

Armed with crunchy charisma that defines decency in her ego

Followed by Soothing flowing voice that tinkles the bones and…

Commanding every inch of it in the spine to bend forth in recognition of her presence. 
Proud owner of sassy Flamboyance swag that  leaves a complicated heart completely uncovered sinking lost in ones soul
Now where you at? 

I’m crossing over to come say hi.

Girl so fine, had to pull over her mothers to see what she made of!

A lady of her own world 

You will mistake her walk with that of fine video vixens 

She a true definition of beauty and pretty 

I want to have a daughter like her…


I just want her in my life ,that beauty needs this kind of feeling am having 

A kind of beauty a poet will pen a trillion words just to explain it 

I will kill my pride just to have a taste of it to life 




Without lipstick

Never goes dry like a permanent river from an icy mountain 

Shiny like ice cap exposed to sun rays 

So sensible that you feel they’re  too sensitive to touch like a virgin 

You stare at them when she wakes  you feel the sense of being beautiful without words coming out 

The feeling of true love criss cross your mind after a fantasy of touching them 

You get lost in a world you wished you could be kissing those lips till wrinkles catch up with you 

Her lips one of the softest lips on earth like a 3 days old baby 

If beauty was lips then  she is 6 star lady  

When she talk, you think her lips arrange the words to come out as sweeter as her lips 

You feel you can  just survive on her lips just to keep your heart beat 

Before checking her shapy curvy body her lipstick less lips will make you fall with thud for her 

Please don’t let them go dry 
With lipstick

With red lipstick she looks like a vampire that has just sucked a gallon of thick blood 

You are tempted to say kiss me I want to be immortal 

When she hugs you and leave the shape of her lips on your white shirt you don’t feel like washing it 

It leaves a true art that marks, you feel she could have kissed your heart instead 

With her purple lipstick 

Her lips appear like a bud of a rose flower 

The upper lip appear small and arranged with visible tread like a young kid’s lips 

The lower lip thick enough to confuse you with a petal of the rose 

The lipstick combines with her lips like there’s a bond holding them together 

Like a white wolf that has just killed a prey in polar region 

With her black lipstick, it reveals the true African lips

The untamed liptosis 

The undiscovered true African beauty lying within this hot area 

Lipstick up we’re going out tonight 


If you’re the sun and am the moon

If you’re the words and am the tune

If you’re the heart and am the beats

Tell me how I can leave without you
Without you I feel broke like am missing my half 

Without you I feel torn like a piece of a broken glass 

Without you I feel like a day old baby who has just lost it’s mama 

Without you I feel like blind a man who has lost his walking stick at Uhuru Highway 

Without you am a sad song written by broken lover 

Without you am a poet without his inks 

Without you am just a mess incubator  

Without you am just a soldier amidst his enemies 
Without you I got no heart to listen to 

Without you I got no lips to kiss 

Without you I got no one to tease 

Without you I got no hands to hold 

Without you I got no hairs to play with 

we’re complete when we’re together

you walk away I will die before I see the next sunrise

so am begging you please don’t leave my side

even if am the worst of them all you will always be my better half.
Without you, I feel no poetry in me Coz you are my ink




my first word and maybe my last word will be your name

mama I don’t know how can explain my feelings of not loving you 

How I will try to bare with my emotions, when your soul won’t be with me anymore 

How I will try to control myself when I’m heartbroken or when the world turns its back on me 
You gave me a life I didn’t request for

Protected my life like a Knight protecting a kingdom 

You went through thick and thin 

Hungry and full just to feed my belly 

If I’m not greatful please forgive me 
I don’t know if am the kind of a kid, you wanted me to be 

But mum, I love you 

I love you more than anything 

I love you more than you love me 

I see no love but the kind of heart you give me 

Everyday I think of how you suffered just to feed us 

Give us food, clothes, education and everything, why should I not praise you?

Why shouldn’t I? 

Every day I winder a life without inspirational talks 

How you help me choose my mates 

How you mock me!


If I have ever put anyone before you 

I would ask for forgiveness 

You gave birth to a strong kid 

A kid with emotions but has never cried for anything 

But when it comes your name 

The imagination and the dream of not having your love and not seeing you again,mum!

Tears have to trickle 
You the most beautiful lady have never seen in my life 

Your voice is my lullaby 

Whenever you sing your voice still makes me a baby 

I don’t want  to cry anymore, I want to watch the stars with you

Tell me a story at the moonlight 

And give me a goodnight kiss 
I wish I get a woman more than you, I love you mama.



The wrongs have done to you deserves a break up
We were so good together and for the first 

I felt I clicked with a lady forever 

She was one of those beauty you can’t afford to lose 

Lips you yearn to kiss forever 
Cursed I maybe to love 

No love has ever been nice to me despite my efforts

Have never cried for love but yours I did and I will always do 

Where did I go wrong? Am ready to change that? 
Was it my fault to fall deep for you 

Love you too much and think of nothing but you 

Do you believe in second chances?

Whether you did me wrong lemme be the one to ask for forgiveness 

Coz to me you were  that lady irreplaceable to my heart 
You were there from the beginning of my creation and you will be there to the end of it 

If I can’t have you please lemme kill my feelings 

So that I would never love anybody like I do with you
Valleys are rich with vegetation 

Hills are the source of water to the valley 

Plains are homes of floods for rain

So no matter our situation know that there’s always some connection 

There’s always love in us 
I don’t want to replace you Coz it’s like I will be replacing my heart 

I love you, I love more than I can love my heart 

Maybe have been replaced coz to your family am the worst boyfriend you’ve ever had  

But what you should know love isn’t  build with concretes  

We all have weaknesses maybe where you’re going is the worst 

I might be the perfect one but I have a heart to love and I will always give it all…
even if you leave know that my heart you still live

Let’s forget the the past and start a new journey,I will never replace you I’d rather die a bachelor



I can’t keep chasing you 

I need my young life back

I need a life without stress

I can’t keep having you
I don’t think you understand the kind of sacrifices that I make

Maybe if you could have acted like you care, I would’ve stayed

But I’ve already wasted almost half of my life


I was ready to take even a bullet  for you but I no longer cry for you

No more pain

You took me for granted

Took my heart and crashed it like an egg

Into the heartbreak I can no longer stand

Now am demanding my space
I’m taking control over this relationship

Command it

You will no longer control me

So you better hear me out this much you owe me

I gave up my life for you, totally devoted to you while I’ve stayed

Faithful all the way from the time I meant you

Look at my dress, sweats, rusted like have been chemisted

Always in a rush to get back to you

Not even once have you ever appreciated this

I deserve respect
I’ve done my best to give you nothing less but perfection 
But I know if I end this I will have nothing nobody to talk to

But you keep treating me like a staircase

I’m ready to take that step and I ain’t coming back

You know what you’ve done no need to unearth more
I told you, you’d be sorry if I left 
I’d laugh while you weep

How does it feel now

You neglected me

Did me a favor although my spirit free you’ve set

But a special place for you in my heart I have kept

It’s unfortunate but it’s

I feel like when I go bankrupt because of you what you is laugh

Cause that ain’t good enough you expect me to be a man

Manage a family

You don’t think I’m loyal

All I need is to talk to my friends

Don’t I give you enough of my time

You don’t think so, do you?

Jealous when I spend time with the girls

Why I’m married to you in the first place but haven’t pay the dowry

But tonight I’m serving you with papers

Go marry someone else and make him happy

And take away his freedom like you did to me
Treat them like you don’t need them and they ain’t worthy of you
Feed them the same food you made me eat

I’m moving on and forget about you

Now I’m special?

I didn’t feel special when I was with you

Imprisoned by your selfishness

Chew me up and spit me out

I fell for this so many times

I’m sick of this but in my sickness and addiction
You’re addictive as they get

Evil as they come vindictive as they make them

My friends keep asking me why I can’t just walk away from you

I’m addicted to you

To the pain, the stress, the fun

I’m drawn in so I guess I’m  messed up

Cursed and blessed

But this time I ain’t changing my mind
I’m climbing out this abyss

You screaming as I walk out that I’ll be missed

But when you spoke of people who meant the most to you

You left me off your list

I hate you my phone

I’m leaving you, my life sentence is served

Am just leaving

Am no longer your slave


Out of her cocoon she emerged 

Like the golden rays of a rising sun 

As she walks along the street 

The dim rays of the street light 

Cast a shadow of perfection 

Art of the rays blended with Goldy art 
She stood at the bus stop 

As the light shines on her body 

Revealing the kind dimples and sexy body she got 

In an appealing ratio of her boobs and butt 

Speaks nothing but a five star socialite 
She smiled at me and I felt a skip in my heart 

Hollow in my chest 

I felt like I was breathing in the hello word from her voice 

I felt butterflies in my stomach 
She gave me a sign 

Like a man I acted gentle 

Exchanged contacts Coz that was the only way I could slay her attention 
She gave all of her time 

Take her to romantic dates 

Go to treats 

Love her like she was my feelings 

Despite she being a stranger 

I fogged my feelings coz she gave me no reason to doubt her feelings 
We woke up from a romantic night 

A night full of love 

A night of a promise land 

A night of a feeling you will never bury before you die 
“We can’t continue ”

The words pierced my heart like a Chinese sword 

She told me she was cheating on someone 

Someone she loved more than anything 

Someone she dedicated her life for 
Why did she allow me in?

Why did she let my feeling to grows roots? 

Now she can’t love me 

We can’t continue with our journey 

Because she is in love with a woman 

Because she is in love with a woma

She loves her more than my feelings